NRC Plan Incident Commanders

The NRC Plan has several Incident Commanders (ICs) located in Washington State with two on call at all times, ready to direct response operations for a Covered Vessel spill as the representative of the responsible party. The NRC Plan ICs are recognized leaders in response management, each with decades of experience covering all types of oil spill events.

Kelly Post

Kelly Post comes to us with 24 years of active duty service in the U. S. Coast Guard. While in the Coast Guard Ms. Post gained experience in numerous incident command roles including Operations Section Chief, Liaison Officer and Incident Commander while responding to both spills and maritime accidents. Ms. Post was deployed with to Coast Guard to Lafourche Louisiana for the Deepwater Horizon response and served as a Parish President Liaison. Ms. Post served in many leadership positions in the Coast Guard, including the Chief of Prevention at Coast Guard Sector Baltimore. Ms. Post directed Officer in Charge Marine Inspection, Federal Maritime Security Coordinator and Captain of the Port missions for the Port of Baltimore Maryland. She ensured compliance with federal regulations and prevented maritime casualties, oil spills, waterway closures, security breaches, transportation security incidents and accidents. Prior to her retirement from the Coast Guard, Ms. Post served as the chief of the Investigations Division at Coast Guard Headquarters, responsible for policy for all incident investigations including pollution investigations. Ms. Post directed the marine casualty and pollution investigation program for the US Coast Guard ensuring proper procedures and regulatory guidelines were followed.

David Sawicki

David Sawicki has over 21 years of expertise in managing, reviewing, developing, implementing & maintaining emergency and crisis management programs. During his career in the petroleum industry, Mr. Sawicki filled a variety of leadership roles in emergency response management including Crisis Management Director for the Western US and Emergency Response Advisor. Mr. Sawicki is Founder and President of the Sawicki Group LLC, Emergency and Crisis Program Management providing management of, and responsibility for, delivering safe and effective emergency and crisis management programs services to clients throughout the world. His direct, hands-on, project and actual response experience includes serving as Incident Commander (IC), Deputy IC, Planning Section Chief and Situation Unit Leader for responses around the world encompassing 10 states and 14 countries. Mr. Sawicki has also been recognized as an industry leader in spill preparedness through his participation in a variety of initiatives, including Washington State's Governor's Oil Spill Task Force and the Puget Sound Oil Spill Task Force, and as a board member on several oil spill response cooperatives including Clean Sound Inc. (Washington State), Clean Rivers Inc. (Oregon), Clean Bay Inc. (California) and Clean Coastal Waters Inc. (California). Recognized for his success in enhancing collaboration between industry, agencies and communities, Mr. Sawicki was the recipient of the Washington State - Governor's Letter of Recognition (2013), Whatcom County Peace Builder Award - Crisis Management with agencies & industry (2013) and a Legacy Award Recipient - Pacific States / British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force (2008).

Joe Smith

Joe Smith has over forty years of operational and project management experience in spill response manufacturing, field operations, training, and spill product development and sales. He has hands-on and management experience from the arctic to the tropics in dozens of spill events of all types and sizes, worldwide, involving open water, shoreline, inland and river operating environments. Mr. Smith’s extensive marine experience also includes having held both a USCG 100 Ton Ocean License for passenger vessels, and a USCG Tankerman’s License with Sulphur Endorsement; serving active duty as USNR-Vietnam Service on AO-51 USS Ashtabula (Fleet Oiler) 1968-1970; and as Chairman of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (SARA-Title III) for Nashville/Davidson County TN. From 1992 - present he has been an active member in the American Society for Testing and Materials: F-20 Committee (Oil Spill and Hazardous Materials). Mr. Smith attended Louisiana State University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1973. His career in the marine industry began in the 60’s working for a barge company in Louisiana eventually coming to the PNW while working for Crowley Environmental Services, which then became Burlington Environmental Services, later acquired by Foss Environmental Services, and eventually by NRC. In addition to his operations and management history, he is a published author with numerous industry related articles to his credit.

Jerry Popovice

Jerry has been an On-Call Incident Commander under the NRC Washington Plan since 2013. He has over 39 years of experience in the oil and hazardous substance spill response field including incident management, on-site response field operations, planning and strategy development, spill management training, incident command system training, and equipment training. He has participated in spill events as a private industry response manager for major oil companies. He has held leadership positions in numerous major spill events as the Planning Section Chief, Deputy Operations Section Chief, and Branch Deputy Operations Section Chief at major spill events representing the responsible party. Since 2004, he has served as a Qualified Individual (QI) under the OPA 90 regulations and as a member of Spill Management Teams for a number of firms providing Spill Management Teams Services.